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IT Project Management Careers

For those who choose a career in IT Management, the options are many. Although earning a computer science degree is a good start, the trick is to first get in the door, prove your value, then work your way up in the direction that best fits your overall career objectives.

Doing your homework early in the information technology job search process is the right approach. As the job market is a bit of a moving target, try to find an area that best matches your skill, experience and interests.

IT Manager Careers

Individuals in IT manager jobs generally work in office environments, where they can supervise the technology support staff that takes care of system maintenance and end-user requests, and interact directly with managers and staff members about technology or support issues.  IT manager jobs may also involve traveling around to satellite offices to assess equipment or IT staffing needs, or to oversee projects or repairs.

Software Quality Assurance Careers

People in software QA jobs rigorously test software in order to locate any errors or bugs in the programming.  This is done by a number of methods, including use-testing in order to evaluate the software from an end-user perspective, code-auditing in order to catch errors in the programming syntax, and process-debugging in order to make sure that each sub-component of the product generates the correct outputs for any given set of inputs.

People in mainframe jobs usually work in datacenters and other secure, environment-controlled locations where mainframe computer equipment can be safely stored and operated.  Systems administrators and mainframe programmers may do a portion of their work remotely, interacting with the mainframe system over secure networks, in which case they may work from a normal office environment, or may in some cases be allowed to telecommute.

People in programmer jobs usually work in office environments, in software development divisions.  Since programming, testing, and analysis can often be performed remotely over secure network connections, some of these jobs allow working from home or occasional telecommuting.

Database Administrator Careers

Database administrator jobs require a specialized skill set that is generally acquired through formal training, either from colleges, vocational schools, or online training programs such as those offered by AIU and Phoenix University Online.  These classes are frequently connected to certification programs for specific database architectures, such as Oracle, MySQL, and MSSQL, which have different interface languages and administration requirements.

Intelligence Analyst Careers

People in intelligence analyst jobs generally work in office environments, in close proximity to other analytic or managerial staff to facilitate reporting and cooperative analysis of data.  Computers play a significant role in intelligence analysis, both for the collection of data using online media and data services, and for the statistical evaluation of data using software-based analysis tools.  Some intelligence analyst positions may involve traveling in order to directly interact with potential customers or to gather other data in person.

IT Risk Management Careers

IT risk management jobs usually require several years of experience in the specific industry in which the organization is involved, as well as several years experience with various aspects of IT operations.  A bachelor’s degree or higher in statistics or in business with a risk management focus may also be required, in order to demonstrate familiarity with the concepts of risk assessment and the statistical techniques used to evaluate risk.

People in IT change management positions typically work in office environments, where they can interact both with individuals requesting changes to ongoing projects and with personnel working directly on the projects, but they may also be found in manufacturing or construction environments, depending on they types of projects being managed.

Systems Analyst Careers

Senior business analysts typically work in office environments, usually in the headquarters of their companies or organizations, where they can easily meet with both managers and operational staff members, but may also be called upon to travel to remote offices or job sites to review business processes in person.  Senior business analysts sometimes supervise other analysts, as well as other staff members responsible for assisting in identifying and enacting needed process changes.  Senior business analyst jobs generally require a bachelor’s degree or higher in a business or finance-related field, as well as several years of experience in business analysis in their chosen industry.

SAP Project Manager Careers

People in SAP project manager jobs typically work in office environments, where they can work with management and with operational staff to ensure effective delivery of project goals.  SAP project managers may also work directly on job sites or in manufacturing areas, depending on the industry, where they can interact directly with production processes and personnel.

Some IT managers work for technology outsourcing firms, where they may supervise teams of IT professionals on customer sites providing support, completing projects, or fixing system problems.

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