IT Risk Management

People in IT risk management jobs perform the crucial role of analyzing and quantifying potential sources of liability and uncertainty in the administration and operation of technical divisions in businesses and organizations. The quantification of risk is important to the creation of service contracts and to the fulfillment of those contracts, and to business decision-making and organizational accountability as well.

IT risk management jobs require a thorough understanding of their industry and of how IT assets and services contribute to the mission of the organization.  IT risk management jobs may entail analyzing downtime records or hardware failure rates to produce achievable service availability expectations, or evaluating the potential misuse of customer financial data to generate worst-case scenarios for disaster recovery planning, or producing quantitative estimates describing potential consequences in the marketplace in the event of security breaches or service outages.  The services provided by people in IT risk management jobs provide managers and decision-makers with concrete risk evaluations with which to weigh the potential consequences of strategic business decisions.

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