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Business intelligence analysts jobs may involve surveying customers about products they have used or would like to see developed, or analyzing sales data to draw out specific insights about how sales vary among different localities or demographics, or monitoring media sources to forecast industry trends.

In the context of business, intelligence analyst jobs focus on acquiring data used to develop or improve products and services, analyzing this data to remove irrelevant factors and produce usable information, and communicating this information effectively to analysts and decision-makers.

Intelligence analyst jobs involve working with large amounts of data that is relevant to a particular mission or objective in order to extract useful details or insights.

In the context of branches of the military or federal agencies such as the NSA, CIA, or FBI, intelligence analyst jobs generally focus on evaluating observations and other information about a potential threat or adversary in order to determine what their intentions might be, or to discern weaknesses that can be exploited in order to defend or attack.

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