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Featured Employer PackagesOur Featured Employer branding solution that goes far beyond just exposure for all your IT project management job postings.

It is a comprehensive marketing package that enables your organization to achieve long-term and consistent brand exposure to professionals on Itprojectmanagementjobs.net and beyond.

Featured Employer Profile Page

Establish a go-to page on Itprojectmanagementjobs.net that breaths life into your brand.

Working with your team, we develop a comprehensive set of content that lets job seekers get an inside look at what your organization has to offer, including these areas:

  1. About Us – the big picture of your organizations mission and purpose. Explain your culture and the types of people who are successful here. The purpose of this section is to answer the candidate question, “Why would I be proud to be associated with this program?”
  2. How We Hire – clearly lay out the process. Candidates, especially happily employed candidates, don’t usually get excited about the hiring process and, often, uncertainty can drive desirable candidates away. We’ll give them the typical steps and timeline, nothing too complex. Just enough information to demonstrate your process is clear and easy to follow.
  3. Our Location – a great way to help remove friction from the recruiting process is to paint a clear picture of the work environment. You want them to be able to see themselves working here, so show and tell them about your location(s).
  4. What to Expect – perhaps one of the most valuable things you can do for an applicant is paint a picture of success in the near future. Here we’ll describe your on boarding process, when your benefits kick in, training offered in the first 30 days, and how they will be evaluated. The aim of this content is to alleviate uncertainty and help the candidate see a successful future with your organization.
  5. Our People – here is where we move away from marketing and provide the inside scoop direct from your employees. We’ll include some quotes and photos. The more “real” it feels, the more the candidate will trust you.
  6. Next Steps – move away from only finding candidates when you are ready to hire, regardless of when they are ready to move. If the candidate is excited today about your organization (who wouldn’t be after reading all the above!), we want them to raise their hand and take the next step. Here we’ll create a call to action for candidates to sign up with you, so you can include them in your long term candidate database.

Finally, we’ll set up an exclusive job feed to highlight your IT positions.

Once your Featured Employer Page is published, we’ll extend the reach of your brand beyond just Itprojectmanagementjobs.net.

Both your firm and job postings will be featured on our social media updates, where thousands of professionals subscribe.

We’ll also conduct and record an interview with a member of your recruiting team and post that interview on our YouTube channel, pointing viewers back to your Feature Employer Page.

So, if you would like to learn more about becoming a Featured Employer send us a message or

call us at (734) 328-1710