Software Quality Assurance Careers

What​ ​is​ ​a​ Software Quality Assurance Manager?

Software Quality Assurance Managers design and develop software; write, review, and control source code; test programming and integration of software; configure and change software management; and oversee the Release Management Process. They maintain complete control over software engineering and also manage verification activities, measurements, abilities, and commitments.

Software Quality Assurance Managers must be able to ensure that the final software product meets all organization and government specifications and that it comes to market within company timelines. They oversee the entire software development process and work closely with all departments to make sure the project is on time and on budget. Monetary success of software creation, release, and success is due to the quality of the software product and is largely the result of the Software Quality Assurance Manager’s efforts.


What is a Software Quality Assurance Manager Responsible For?

Software Quality Assurance Managers ensure that the final software product is error-free by analyzing and managing software developmental processes. They implement test plans and use computer troubleshooting applications to develop automation and maintenance tasks that test software applications.

Software Quality Assurance Managers can expect to work at any of the following tasks:

·        Reading client documents and defining activities related to software creation process

·        Ensuring resources are available to execute testing activities

·        Developing and monitoring performance metrics for all stages of production

·        Designing and creating test automation

·        Developing testing strategies and estimating the testing process

·        Ensuring content and structure of all testing documents

·        Checking and reviewing quality assurance artifacts

·        Managing detected defects

·        Identifying and managing potential risks

·        Reviewing quality assurance reports from other team members

·        Tracking new project requirements

·        Arranging hardware and software requirements

·        Communicating with business owners

·        Attending regular project leadership team meetings

To be successful as a Software Quality Assurance Manager, prospects will need to develop the following skills:

·  Technical Skills. Software Quality Assurance Managers must thoroughly understand the software they manage. They use programming language and coding principles to create test tools and develop standards and procedures to determine the quality of the software product and determine release readiness.

· Analytical Skills. Software Quality Assurance Managers must not only be creative but also insightful and be rational thinkers. They must possess the ability to pay close attention to detail. Software Quality Assurance Managers need excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, and they must be willing to learn new technologies. They must be able to break large projects down into achievable goals, identify areas of improvement, and interpret technical and business objectives.

· Communication Skills. Software Quality Assurance Managers direct other technical professionals and should possess the ability to be clear and tactful and offer guidance when programs and applications do not meet quality objectives. They need strong written and verbal skills and the ability to communicate with both technical and non-technical personnel.


Where Does a Software Quality Assurance Manager Work?

Software Quality Assurance Manager jobs can be found in any industry that needs or wants to develop proprietary software.


What Other Career Options are Available to a Software Quality Assurance Manager?

Careers available to Software Quality Assurance Managers include:


Software Quality Assurance Managers working in healthcare develop clinical applications, cloud systems, analytics, billing and collection software, patient portals, and other patient and clinical applications. They work for hospitals, consulting companies, insurance companies, and software vendors. Government regulations in healthcare mandate electronic records and electronic filing to government payers. The demand for Software Quality Assurance Managers is strong.

Research and Development

Software Quality Assurance Managers help thousands of companies, including product laboratories, research and development groups, and new business units by providing specific software applications to manage research and development activities. From healthcare to media companies and startups to established or even shrinking industries, Software Quality Assurance Managers solve large scale problems.


Software Quality Assurance Managers working for retail industries design software that not only assures their on-site customer services work smoothly and efficiently, but also work with retail businesses that are expanding their reach with internet and microservice applications. Developing mobile applications and other digital services is essential for traditional brick and mortar retailers who wish to stay relevant in virtual shopping now and in the future.

Government and Defense

Software Quality Assurance Managers work for municipal and state governments as well as the federal government to develop secure software. Resource management, performance testing, automation, risk planning, and test planning of secure applications help government agencies and contractors provide efficient public services and security to the public at large.

Business Services

Software Quality Assurance Managers work as consultants and systems integrators and in IT services, developing software applications and platforms that help companies launch better products quickly and efficiently. Web applications, desktop and mobile applications, security issues, localization testing, functional testing, and IOS application testing all require Software Quality Assurance Managers to oversee the development, testing, and application of proprietary software.


What Degree is Required to Become a Software Quality Assurance Manager? What Do They Study?

Software Quality Assurance Managers begin their education with a bachelor’s degree in common computer majors such as information technology and computer science. Software development, computer programming, digital electronic design, microprocessor design, and computer architecture also make helpful majors and minors. Additionally, minors in communications or business development will help students develop professional and social skills that are helpful when working with other employees and customers. Some degrees may require an internship.

A master’s degree in computer engineering typically offer software quality assurance testing, data modeling, and software verification. Master’s programs for those seeking Software Quality Assurance Manager careers generally last one to two years.

Voluntary industry or vendor certifications may improve employment opportunities. Vendors such as Cisco, Oracle, and Microsoft offer certifications that can enhance proficiency in computer programming languages, operating systems, and hardware.


How Much Money Does a Software Quality Assurance Manager Earn?

People with Software Quality Assurance Manager jobs can earn, on average, $105,000 to $124,000 per year. Salaries in the banking field average $113,000 annually while those in the business services are approximately $99,000 to $129,000 per year.

Software Quality Assurance Managers in the field of computer software and hardware earn an average annual salary of $114,000 and those working for internet companies earn an annual salary of about $111,000 to $143,000. Those working in healthcare earn around $98,000 to $113,000 per year.

As with most positions in the field of Software Quality Assurance Management, actual annual salary varies, depending on location, experience, education, and size of organization.